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  1. Approved Certifications and Regulatory Compliance

    Commercial buildings and bathrooms have a number of regulations that ensure both equipment and the building are up to standard, and that the people within that building are safe.

    There are a number of regulations each of our hand dryers are compliant with. The following describes the certifications that are approved compliant for each hand dryer

    JetDryer Executive2.

    Safety of Household and Similar Electrical Appliances: IEC/EN60335-1

    Particular Requirements for Skin & Hair Care: IEC/EN60335-2-23


    Compliant to ElectroMagnetic Connectivity (EMC) directive according to





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  2. Sizzler Restaurants selects JetDryer Maintenance Programme

    Sizzler Restaurants selects Jet Dryer Maintenance Programme.

    Sizzler Restaurants are famous for letting customers decide their dining experience including the volume, nutritional balance and variety of each meal. While they are well known for their grill and the soup, salad, pasta, fruit and dessert bars, what is less known, but equally important to the success of each Sizzler restaurant, is the standardised systems and processes that run in the background that keeps each of the 23 restaurants operating.

    Sizzler knows what they’re great at and that’s delicious food in a casual dining environment. When it came to upgrading and managing their bathroom environments at each restaurant location, finding a partner that would continue to help them after the upgrade was a key factor.

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  3. A JetDryer Hand Dryer Pays for Itself Within 6 Months

    So... you're in the market for a hand dryer under a grand. Imagine this.

    It’s Monday morning and buying a hand dryer for your company bathroom is probably the last thing you had expected to be doing. Yet, it’s more common that you might expect. Why on a Monday you might ask. Two reasons.

    1. The Cleaner usually comes once a week on a Friday yet it’s Monday and there’s still paper towels everywhere. The staff have gone in and the state of the bathroom has become the topic of conversation at your weekly meeting instead of real work.

    2. You’re catching up on admin, signing off on monthly bills when you discover the bill for paper towels. It’s out of control and you ‘lose your mind’ on how much they’re costing your business.

    There must be a better way so you ask your PA to do some research and find out what options are out there. ‘Don’t break the bank, just find out what can fix this so it doesn’t become a problem again.’ you say. If this sounds like the situation you’re in right now, keep reading. If you’re the person doing the research, this article will help you prepare what you need to make the best recommendation.

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  4. Hands under dryers vs hands in dryers - everything you need to know

    'Hands under' dryers in the Australian market

    The quantity of ‘hands under‘ style dryers available in Australia is significant despite the technology being over 60 years old. Before 1993, it was the only design of hand dryer available in the marketplace and it‘s only in the last decade that we have seen the introduction of ‘hands in‘ style dryers that are tending to replace the old ‘hands under‘ style unless there are constraints with the size or maintenance of the bathroom (covered later in this article).

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  5. JetDryer Executive² - Easy Maintenance Guide

    The JetDryer Executive2 is the flagship model of the range and includes everything a modern bathroom requires in a premium hand drying solution. Keeping the hand dryer clean doesn’t require any technical knowledge, it’s as simple as wiping down the surface areas regularly with a damp cloth on a daily basis, then wiping down the sensors with a dry cloth on a weekly basis.

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  6. 7 Step Hand Dryer Install Preparation Guide

    Hand Dryer installation is straight forward as long as you follow a few simple basics and it’s best to have a read through these now in advance of your hand dryer arriving.

    1. Decide who will install your hand dryer


    DIY Installation

    If there’s a plug nearby and the hand dryer you have chosen comes with a 3-pin plug and lead, you could affix to the wall yourself as there is no electrical work required. However, many of our customers prefer to hard wire their units for aesthetic or compliance reasons.


    Hard wired hand dryer installation

    If you are hardwiring the unit, then you are going to need a a qualified service person in accordance with the local wiring regulations code. Usually this means calling a qualified electrician and asking their rate for an hour or two of their time. Tell them what the wall surface is like as tiles may take a little longer than gib. Do this ahead of time, because it’s likely it will take them longer to book you in than it will for your hand dryer to arrive.


    2. Once your hand dryer arrives


    Now that you’ve got someone to install your hand dryer or hand dryers, you can relax. They will be able to take care of everything. If you do open the box, you will find everything you need for installation including:

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  7. Hand dryers vs paper towels vs old style drier

    Paper towels vs Hand Dryers vs Jet Dryer

    The paper towel versus hand dryer debate can get highly technical and it's easy to get confused by all the pro's and cons of each. The best hand washing and drying solution will always depend on a combination of what kind of premises the bathroom is located in, what type of usage you are expecting and how important costs savings are to you.

    So let's take compare the strengths and weaknessses of three of the most prevalent hand drying options for environments with 50+ employees in the Australian marketplace today.


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  8. 5 Bathroom Design Considerations When Choosing a Hand Dryer

    Brand new bathrooms sparkle, and in design conscious buildings, effort has gone into making the bathrooms feel like a great space to be in. Hand dryers can both enhance the look of a bathroom, or degrade from it if the proper considerations aren’t made.

    Here are 5 design things to consider when choosing a bathroom hand dryer.

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  9. Buying a hand dryer - selection guide

    In this article we cover the four most important considerations when selecting a bathroom hand drying solution including an Interactive Hand Dryer Selection Guide for each one. Each guide takes only a couple of minutes each to complete and by the end you will have increased your confidence in being able to select the right bathroom hand dryers for your needs.

    1. Bathroom Cleaning - who does it and why it can influence your choice of hand dryer. (2 mins)

    2. Current Situation - starting with what you’ve got now, helps determine what problems need solving. (3 mins)

    3. Capacity Planning - knowing the volume of people using the bathroom isn’t as easy as it sounds! (5 mins)

    4. Total Business Needs - looking at the whole business needs where there are multiple locations and calculate the total cost of ownership. (5 mins)

    There are many different hand dryer options, but when it comes to bathroom cleaning, they all fit neatly into two categories depending on how your bathroom is maintained. When you are just starting out your research into the best hand dryer solution for your business, this is a great starting point before you start looking into things like the volume of people who use the bathroom space and the cost / benefit analysis versus alternative hand drying solutions. So what are these two categories? It all comes down to who looks after your bathrooms, who keeps them clean and tidy and what kind of building the bathrooms are in. Here they are:

    1. Who cleans your bathroom? 2. What industry are you in?

    These questions help you start your search for the ideal bathroom hand drying solution and are easily answerable in almost situation. Of course there is a lot more to choosing a hand dryer that just looking at who services your bathroom. As great a starting point as it is, there are additional details about your current situation that will help you start to narrow down your selection to one or two hand dryer models.

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  10. Quiet Hand Dryers - Designed For Venues

    Quiet Hand Dryers all have one feature in common

    Quiet electric hand dryers are made by design, and every quality hand dryer includes an adjustable air speed option. The adjustable air speed air speed helps reduce noise levels in a bathroom from affecting the experience in nearby to rooms that require low noise conditions.

    Conference facilities especially benefit from a dual air speed option as they can be turned down while the conference is in session, then increased to full air capacity just before the breaks.

    Wedding venues also prefer dual speed hand dryers to both maximise the speed of guest hand drying, while also keeping the bathroom hush quiet while important parts of the ceremony are underway. On your special day, no one wants the grooms speech drowned out by a noisey hand dryer!

    The JetDryer Executive is the leading hand dryer in our range that includes the ability to switch the air flow from low to high speed.

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