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Quiet Hand Dryers - Designed For Venues

Quiet Hand Dryers all have one feature in common, and that's the ability to switch air flow speed at the touch of the button. Why? To reduce venue noise levels at critical moments. No one wants the keynote speech interrupted by the sound of a hand dryer echoing through the hallways.  

Quiet electric hand dryers are made quiet by design, and every quality hand dryer includes an adjustable air speed option. The adjustable air speed air speed helps reduce noise levels in a bathroom from affecting the experience in nearby to rooms that require low noise conditions.


Keeping Conference Venues Quiet

Conference facilities especially benefit from a dual air speed option as they can be turned down while the conference is in session, then increased to full air capacity just before the breaks.

Purpose Built Wedding Venues Emphasise Bathroom Style 

Wedding venues also prefer dual speed hand dryers to both maximise the speed of guest hand drying, while also keeping the bathroom hush quiet while important parts of the ceremony are underway. On your special day, no one wants the grooms speech drowned out by a noisey hand dryer! 

Bathrooms in Foyer Areas

Hotel event co-ordinators know the importance of keeping the bride and groom and their families happy. They also know that it's the details that matter on the day. Although hand dryers are the last thing on the mind of the bride and groom, it's a bathroom detail that any discerning venue manager won't overlook. Guests mainly congregate in the hotel foyer areas, so that's the most important bathroom to make a good impression.

Bathrooms in the Bar Area

The bar area is as important as foyer bathrooms because many times people not staying at the hotel meet a staying guest in the bar. Guests that are impressed with the bar, can be easily let down on their first bathroom visit if it's not at the same high quality level of the bar. Luxury hotels do everything they can to secure group bookings for weddings so luxury hotel bathroom features outside the hotel room is an area not to overlook. 


The JetDryer Executive2 is the leading hand dryer in our range that includes the ability to switch the air flow from low to high speed.