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Hand Dryer Maintenance

Hand Dryer Maintenance is straight forward across the entire JetDryer range. Each hand dryer has it's own maintenance schedule that is easy to follow for your cleaners or for your staff depending on who is responsible for bathroom cleaning. For every hand dryer, keeping surfaces clean is a priority.

For the Executive, Business and Mini hand dryers, you'll need to empty a water collection tray on a regular basis. These also have clean air filters called pre-filters while the flagship Executive and Executive2 have HEPA filters that will need replacing at regular maintenance intervals (usually once or twice a year). These articles lay out everything you need to know about what maintenance to do and when to get it done.

'Hand in' style hand dryers with water collection and clean air filters

Read JetDryer Executive2 Easy Maintenance Guide

Read JetDryer BusinessEasy Maintenance Guide (coming soon)

Read JetDryer Mini Easy Maintenance Guide (coming soon)

'Hands under' style hand dryers with clean air filters

Read JetDryer Lite Easy Maintenance Guide (coming soon)

Read JetDryer Eco Easy Maintenance Guide (coming soon)

cleaning your hand dryer

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  1. JetDryer Executive² - Easy Maintenance Guide

    The JetDryer Executive2 is the flagship model of the range and includes everything a modern bathroom requires in a premium hand drying solution. Keeping the hand dryer clean doesn’t require any technical knowledge, it’s as simple as wiping down the surface areas regularly with a damp cloth on a daily basis, then wiping down the sensors with a dry cloth on a weekly basis.

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