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Hand dryers vs paper towels vs old style drier

Paper towels vs Hand Dryers vs Jet Dryer

The paper towel versus hand dryer debate can get highly technical and it's easy to get confused by all the pro's and cons of each. The best hand washing and drying solution will always depend on a combination of what kind of premises the bathroom is located in, what type of usage you are expecting and how important costs savings are to you.

So let's take compare the strengths and weaknessses of three of the most prevalent hand drying options for environments with 50+ employees in the Australian marketplace today.


Paper towels vs hand dryers vs JetDryer

JetDryer provides market leading hand drying solutions for all usage types in some of the most important commercial environments such as office buildings, retail shops, restaurants and transportations hubs, through to specialist environments like hospitals, medical facilities, schools and stadiums.

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 hand dryers v paper towels