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Sizzler Restaurants selects JetDryer Maintenance Programme

Sizzler Restaurants selects Jet Dryer Maintenance Programme.

Sizzler Restaurants are famous for letting customers decide their dining experience including the volume, nutritional balance and variety of each meal. While they are well known for their grill and the soup, salad, pasta, fruit and dessert bars, what is less known, but equally important to the success of each Sizzler restaurant, is the standardised systems and processes that run in the background that keeps each of the 23 restaurants operating.

Sizzler knows what they’re great at and that’s delicious food in a casual dining environment. When it came to upgrading and managing their bathroom environments at each restaurant location, finding a partner that would continue to help them after the upgrade was a key factor.

sizzler restaurant selects JetDryer hand dryers

Why Sizzler upgraded to JetDryer hand dryers

“We had a bathroom upgrade scheduled in across our restaurants, and we had already decidied we needed hand dryers both for hygiene and speed reasons, but were looking for more than just electricians that could install the latest hand dryer technology.” says Colin Rzeszkowski, National Maintenance and Facilities Manager Sizzler Australia. "We needed a partner that would help with ensuring the bathroom experience was consistent for our restaurant customers each and every time, throughout Australia.

Ipswich installed hand dryer sizzler


Deciding the best hand dryer solution at every Sizzler restaurant 

It is natural when moving from old warm air hand dryers to jet hand dryers to have questions about what maintenance is required. After all, old hand dryers needed little in maintenance because they didn’t have some of the features such as HEPA filters now required in some restaurant environments.

“We calculated how busy the Sizzler restaurant was likely to be ahead of time. From that we can make some assumptions about bathroom use and therefore when each hand dryer at each restaurant will need their next air filter.” says Belinda Turner Jet Dryer Customer Services Representative. “Then we send the HEPA filter ahead of time ensuring that the filter can be replaced on time, usually every 3 - 6 months. That way the warranty conditions are maintained and clean air continues to circulate for customers in the bathrooms.”

This helps Sizzler focus on what it’s great at, serving up great food in a clean, friendly restaurant environment. “We’re proud to contribute our small part in the Sizzler ecosystem. No one really thinks about bathroom hand dryers until they stop working, and our hand dryer maintainance programme ensures this situation doesn’t eventuate.” says Belinda.


About the JetDryer Maintenance Programme

JetDryer’s Maintainance Programme is primarily designed for organisations with a multiple sites throughout Australia with two service levels available:

1. Automatic Send

Automatic Send ensures you get the right filters at the right sites, and at just the right time. No more having to hold filter inventory yourself or check with the store manager whether a new hand dryer filter is needed. Everything is taken care of ahead of time.

TOP TIP: Automatic Send is recommended where general usagepatterns can be forecast based on the last 12 months of usage. Jet Dryer will work with you to ensure the right Maintenance Programme frequency is selected for each of your sites, then we will manage the ongoing send dates.

2. Automatic Remind

Automatic Remind gets a reminder to the right person in your organisation to check the LED screen on the hand dryer to see whether it’s time for a new filter. 

TOP TIP: This is recommended where hand dryer use can’t be easily forecast in advance, for example where usage is tied to a number of stadium events or number of planes landing at an airport, rather than a consistent usage pattern as would be expected at a school.