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7 Step Hand Dryer Install Preparation Guide

Hand Dryer installation is straight forward as long as you follow a few simple basics and it’s best to have a read through these now in advance of your hand dryer arriving.

1. Decide who will install your hand dryer


DIY Installation

If there’s a plug nearby and the hand dryer you have chosen comes with a 3-pin plug and lead, you could affix to the wall yourself as there is no electrical work required. However, many of our customers prefer to hard wire their units for aesthetic or compliance reasons.


Hard wired hand dryer installation

If you are hardwiring the unit, then you are going to need a a qualified service person in accordance with the local wiring regulations code. Usually this means calling a qualified electrician and asking their rate for an hour or two of their time. Tell them what the wall surface is like as tiles may take a little longer than gib. Do this ahead of time, because it’s likely it will take them longer to book you in than it will for your hand dryer to arrive.


2. Once your hand dryer arrives


Now that you’ve got someone to install your hand dryer or hand dryers, you can relax. They will be able to take care of everything. If you do open the box, you will find everything you need for installation including:

  1. The Hand Dryer

  2. The terminal block where your electrician will connect the electrical wires.

  3. The mounting template your electrician will use to position the hand dryer on the wall.

  4. The screws to position the unit on the wall.

You may want to get the mounting template and try it out for size and spacing in the bathroom. This can save time once your electrician arrives.


3. Hand dryer installation day


Exciting! As we’ve already mentioned, installation should be performed only by a qualified electrician where electrical wiring is required. Their job will be to use the hand dryer installation template to make sure the hand dryer is installed at the optimum height. If your unit is plug and play and there's an approved electrical plug nearby, you won't need a professiona electrician. Either way, you WILL need to know the optimim mounting height so make sure you look at the mounting height recommendations with each installation template.


Installing 2 or more hand dryers


Space out the installation of multiple hand dryers If you have more than one hand dryer being installed in each bathroom, you will need to space out the hand dryers optimally for the bathroom space provided. For example, the Eco dryer should be no closer than 610 mm from the centre.

That’s all there is to it!


Hand Dryer Mounting Templates

 Download the latest mounting template for your JetDryer hand dryer. 

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