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JetDryer Executive² - Easy Maintenance Guide

The JetDryer Executive2 is the flagship model of the range and includes everything a modern bathroom requires in a premium hand drying solution. This article covers everything you need to maintain your Executive 2 Hand Dryer in peak hand drying condition.


Weekly Bathroom Cleaning Tasks

Wiping the Hand Dryer surfaces

Keeping the hand dryer clean doesn’t require any technical knowledge, it’s as simple as wiping down the surface areas regularly with a damp cloth on a daily basis, then wiping down the sensors with a dry cloth on a weekly basis.


easy maintenance executive 2


Emptying the Water Collection Tray

This aspect that is probably new for your bathroom cleaners, is the water collection tray shown as the water tank on the LED display. The LED light tells you when the Executive 2 is ready to be emptied and it isn’t hard to empty. These can be added to the regular daily bathroom cleaning rosters.

change hepa filter


Hand Dryer Maintenance Tasks

Cleaning the Drainage Hole

Keeping the bottom of the hand dryer clean is as simple as pouring warm water through the drainage hole a couple of times a month along with using the cleaning brush on the drainage hole once a month. That keeps the water being able to flow into collection tray and prevents any soap build up around the drainage hole.



executive 2 hand dryer maintenance cleaning


Replacing the HEPA Filter

The HEPA Filter keeps clean air flowing but only if you keep the filter clean! These units will flash a red light when the HEPA filter needs replacing after 20,000 users. You MUST replace the filter or the automatic cut out will kick in stopping the Executive 2 being able to be used until the HEPA filter is replaced. You might think, hey, my hand dryer is broken but that’s unlikely.. it’ll simply be time to replace the HEPA filter.

change hepa filter


Replacing the Pre Filter

The pre filter also should be checked and replaced when it starts to clog up with dust and particles. You’ll know that it’s time to replace when the filter changes colour from the pale white to a dark grey colour. There isn’t a light telling you when to replace the pre-filter and it won’t stop the unit from working if you don’t replace it, but these are inexpensive at a couple of dollars each, so it pays to always have a few in the maintenance room on hand.

New pre filter Executive 2