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Hand Dryer Pricing

Hand Dryers vary in price depending on the features including the size of the motor, whether a HACCP approved filter is included and how many you require across all your bathroom facilities across all your locations. In this category, you can compare the purchase costs with the ongoing costs of old style hand dryers or paper towels.
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  1. A JetDryer Hand Dryer Pays for Itself Within 6 Months

    So... you're in the market for a hand dryer under a grand. Imagine this.

    It’s Monday morning and buying a hand dryer for your company bathroom is probably the last thing you had expected to be doing. Yet, it’s more common that you might expect. Why on a Monday you might ask. Two reasons.

    1. The Cleaner usually comes once a week on a Friday yet it’s Monday and there’s still paper towels everywhere. The staff have gone in and the state of the bathroom has become the topic of conversation at your weekly meeting instead of real work.

    2. You’re catching up on admin, signing off on monthly bills when you discover the bill for paper towels. It’s out of control and you ‘lose your mind’ on how much they’re costing your business.

    There must be a better way so you ask your PA to do some research and find out what options are out there. ‘Don’t break the bank, just find out what can fix this so it doesn’t become a problem again.’ you say. If this sounds like the situation you’re in right now, keep reading. If you’re the person doing the research, this article will help you prepare what you need to make the best recommendation.

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