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  1. 4 Hand Dryer Installation Tips

    4 Hand Dryer Installation Tips
    Successfully installing your hand dryer is mostly about choosing the optimum place in the bathroom to locate your hand dryer:

    - Keeping the entrance exit clear
    - Keeping hand basins areas clear
    - Location of electrical power
    - Deciding how many hand dryers per wall

    Avoid Blocking The Entrance
    Hand Dryers aren't great if they are installed near the entrance because they block the entry and exit of bathroom users. Seems simple, but it's amazing how many times this is overlooked.

    Avoid Blocking a Hand Basin
    Hand Dryers installed directly next to a hand basin are going to slow down the flow of bathroom users. Don't block a sink by installing a hand dryer.

    Location of Electrical Power
    The easiest place to install your hand dryer is where there is existing power. Be sure to make sure that this locaiton doesn't block the entrance, block the hand basin or reduce the mobility of a person in the bathroom (especially important for hand dryers in disabled toilets)

    Number of Hand Dryers Per Wall
    If you're installing multiple electric hand dryers, you're going to need space in between each hand dryer. Every JetDryer includes a downloadable installation specification so you can get the spacing correct to the millimetre.

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  2. Luxury Hotel Bathrooms - Hand Dryer Considerations

    Many hotel properties may call themselves luxury, and every hotel will have areas they excel at and label as luxury. Hotel guests paying five star luxury hotel rates expect luxury standards from booking, check-in, dining through to every element of the accommodation experience.

    Hand dryers are rarely installed in every hotel room, but nevertheless, hotel bathrooms are an area highlighted as a feature or pain point in many reviews. Luxury hotel bathrooms fall into two categories:

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  3. Sizzler Restaurants selects JetDryer Maintenance Programme

    Sizzler Restaurants selects Jet Dryer Maintenance Programme.

    Sizzler Restaurants are famous for letting customers decide their dining experience including the volume, nutritional balance and variety of each meal. While they are well known for their grill and the soup, salad, pasta, fruit and dessert bars, what is less known, but equally important to the success of each Sizzler restaurant, is the standardised systems and processes that run in the background that keeps each of the 23 restaurants operating.

    Sizzler knows what they’re great at and that’s delicious food in a casual dining environment. When it came to upgrading and managing their bathroom environments at each restaurant location, finding a partner that would continue to help them after the upgrade was a key factor.

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  4. Approved Certifications and Regulatory Compliance

    Commercial buildings and bathrooms have a number of regulations that ensure both equipment and the building are up to standard, and that the people within that building are safe.

    There are a number of regulations each of our hand dryers are compliant with. The following describes the certifications that are approved compliant for each hand dryer

    JetDryer Executive2.

    Safety of Household and Similar Electrical Appliances: IEC/EN60335-1

    Particular Requirements for Skin & Hair Care: IEC/EN60335-2-23


    Compliant to ElectroMagnetic Connectivity (EMC) directive according to





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