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Replacing Hands Under Dryers - Faster Installation Tip


Replacing Hands Under Dryers - Fast Install Tip


When an older style hand dryer is removed, it leaves a space on the wall that reveals the screw holes that attached the old hands under style dryer to the wall. Making a bathroom beautiful again, means those screw holes need to be hidden again. You could go to all the effort of plastering in the holes and then paint over the surface again however, you may still be left with a unnecessary patchy finish.


An alternative is to replace the hands under style dryer with a hand drying instructions sign. That way you’ve solved the installation issue without having to complete remedial work on the wall AND you’re helping bathroom users who are new to the hands in style hand dryers style. 


Here is an example showing a recent bathroom upgrade JetDryer completed removing the old hands under hand dryers and replacing with new style hand in style hand dryers.  Hands under vs Hands in dryers


hand dryer installation before

hand dryer installation after



The Hand Dryer Instruction Signs are available for both the Executive and Business models.

JetDryer Executive Hand Dryer Instruction Signs

JetDryer Business Hand Dryer Instruction Signs 


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