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Luxury Hotel Bathrooms - Hand Dryer Considerations

Many hotel properties may call themselves luxury, and every hotel will have areas they excel at and label as luxury. Hotel guests paying five star luxury hotel rates expect luxury standards from booking, check-in, dining through to every element of the accommodation experience.

Hand dryers are rarely installed in every hotel room, but nevertheless, hotel bathrooms are an area highlighted as a feature or pain point in many reviews. Luxury hotel bathrooms fall into two categories:

Luxury Hotel Bathroom Features Inside The Room

These are the bathrooms inside the room for the private use of the staying guests of that room only. Luxury hotel bathroom features include:

1) Dual sinks so that each person getting ready has their own mirror and basin space.
2) Good water pressure in the shower. Anything that touches the body at a hotel must be luxury.
3) A bath with enough space for two, especially in tourist regions of Australia.
4) Prestige toiletries from bath gel, bar soap through to extras like shoe polish.
5) Plenty of high quality, high thread count towels that are fluffy to the feel.

Where many luxury hotel bathrooms can go wrong is skimping on four and five as these have a direct impact on monthly room servicing costs. On the flip side, hotel rooms are serviced almost daily with only say a couple of uses per day. Because of this, the bathrooms are remain very clean and hygenic with a bathroom use intensity of a few hundred times per annum. This is in contract to bathroom facilities at the hotel near shared facilities. like bars, restaurants, gyms and conference rooms. It is these bathrooms where high capacity bathroom fittings should be assessed.

Luxury Hotel Bathroom Features Outside The Room

Outside of the hotel rooms, there are always a number of bathrooms strategically placed within reach of high volume areas. Let's take a more detailed look at each of these areas.

Luxury Hotel Bars

Luxury hotel bars are designed to feel like you are in the diamond showcase of the entire complex. Architects design in luxury hotel features here that may not be available throughout the hotel complex but give visitors that to the hotel that are not staying there, an appreciation for the details that have been designed into the entire complex. Bar stools, chairs and tables feel luxurious while remaining in keeping with the overall hotel design aesthetic. The bar is the apex of the bar design. Behind these landmark hotel features, the bar bathroom can either reinforce this image or tarnish it despite an (architects best efforts) if it isn't clean.

Unlike hotel room bathrooms, the bar bathrooms get a lot of use in short succession at peak times before and after dining by both guests and hotel visitors. During this time, hotel staff are also busiest providing drinks, checking in customers and serving dinner. The biggest cause of mess in bar bathrooms occurs around hand washing and hand drying as there is no one to clean the bar bathroom until the next day. Hand towels or paper towels end up on the floor, overflowing the basket and water can pool on the floor creating a safety hazard, and this is how a luxury hotel can go from feeling luxury to felling like a budget 2* within just a few hours.

Luxury Hotel Restaurants

A premium restaurant dining experience is 25% the welcome & service, 25% the ambience, 25% lighting and temperature and 25% what's on the plate. There is a huge amount of effort that goes into a hotel restaurant to make the experience feel effortless. Again, just like the hotel bar, it simply takes a bathroom issue to snap an unsuspecting dinner guest out of the magic spell cast by the front-of-house. Let's look at the most common two:

1) Bathroom odours returning to the table with the guest.
No one talks about it, but we've all experienced it! Most bathrooms have a dual set of doors in an attempt to limit the natural air movements as people move from area to area. A good bathroom ventilation source is critical, as is air fresheners in the bathroom. These can be standalone units, or built in to the installed hand dryers. The benefit of built in filter fragrances is they are also anti-bacterial which brings us on to the second aspect.

2) It doesn't get more important than restaurant bathroom hygiene
Restaurants can live or die on cleanliness, and unlike a hotel bar bathroom, the restaurant bathrooms are subject to scrutiny by guests and health inspectors. These bathrooms require a higher level of cleanliness that goes above and beyond feeling clean, to ensuring restaurants operate their kitchen and restaurant facilities in a sanitised way. This is of upmost importance for the health of guests and the operation of the entire hotel. An issue in a hotel restaurant can quickly affect all hotel guests, which ultimately results in a PR and future bookings disaster as dissatisfied guests take to TripAdvisor.

The best way to mitigate this risk to restaurant bathrooms is to ensure your hand drying facilities have HEPA filters. HEPA stands for High-efficiency particulate arrestance. They trap dust and bacteria and only filter clean air to a level of 99.95%. That means with every hand dry, bacteria is removed from the restaurant bathroom and the surrounding restaurant environment.

Not all hand dryers are created equal in this regard so look for a HACCP approved dryer that complies with Food Safety Management Programmes.

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Luxury Hotel Conference Facilities

Conference Rooms can come in any shape and size and each has an impact on the intensity and velocity of bathroom use. In simple terms, at conference breaks, bathrooms become a rushed focal point as people juggle the call of nature with the desire to network and get the fix of coffee. Luxury hotels recognise that conference facilities are primarily the domain of business and are a great opportunity to tout for the business travellers business. If an attendee enjoys the conference facilities, they are more likely to stay at the hotel again. The most critical aspect to get right for hotel conference bathroom facilities is the turnaround time. Ask yourself the question; how long will it take everyone to get their comfort stop and get back to the conference. The throttle of every bathroom is hand drying and as bathrooms fill up, this may be skipped by attendees creating a hygiene issue for everyone.

The fastest hand dryers on the market can have your conference attendees hands dry in under 10 seconds. Avoid the traditional old style hand dryers that can take up to a minute. These are not only frustrating for guests, but highly costly for hotel managers sucking up more power than they should.

Choose a hand dryer that forces the air down towards the bottom of othe units to collect the water. Hand dryers that don't have collection trays aren't the optimum choice in conference facilities as there are just too many people to afford water pooling on the floor.

Luxury Gym Bathrooms

Gymnasiums are places where everyone will be touching the same gym equipment and usually with hot and sweaty hands. Gym towels help minimise this transfer, but when it comes to the bathrooms, these are also changing room facilities. Gym bathrooms benefit from all of the features covered above including the fragrance filters that minimise odours, HACCP approved filters that eliminate 99.95% bacteria from the air, speed of hand drying and the ability to deal with large volumes of people (think yoga or pilates) before and after class. Plus in addition, hand dryers with adjustable airflow really come into their own as you can adjust the airflow for peak times. I also believe that just like hotel bar bathrooms, gym bathrooms are an opportunity to showcase hand dryer technology as it goes hand in hand with the gym technology.

Luxury Hotel Bathroom Summary

1) Hotel Conferences facilities are judged on their attendees turnaround time. Give your attendees more time to network and less time queuing to dry their hands.

2) Hotel Bars are the showcase of a hotel complex. Don't let the hotel bar bathroom get into a peak time mess of paper towels.

3) Hotel Restaurant bathrooms are best sight unseen. Keep those odours in check with hand dryer fragrance filters and ensure that they pass health inspection tests with HACCP approved hand dryers.

4) Luxury Gym bathrooms are also luxury changing rooms where guests appreciate being able to linger longer after a workout, class or pamper. Ensure they linger in luxury in a clean, purified air environment.