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A JetDryer Hand Dryer Pays for Itself Within 6 Months

So... you're in the market for a hand dryer under a grand. Imagine this.

It’s Monday morning and buying a hand dryer for your company bathroom is probably the last thing you had expected to be doing. Yet, it’s more common that you might expect. Why on a Monday you might ask. Two reasons.

1. The Cleaner usually comes once a week on a Friday yet it’s Monday and there’s still paper towels everywhere. The staff have gone in and the state of the bathroom has become the topic of conversation at your weekly meeting instead of real work.

2. You’re catching up on admin, signing off on monthly bills when you discover the bill for paper towels. It’s out of control and you ‘lose your mind’ on how much they’re costing your business.

There must be a better way so you ask your PA to do some research and find out what options are out there. ‘Don’t break the bank, just find out what can fix this so it doesn’t become a problem again.’ you say. If this sounds like the situation you’re in right now, keep reading. If you’re the person doing the research, this article will help you prepare what you need to make the best recommendation.

pays for itself in 6 months


$1,000 happens to be a pretty good budget for a hand dryer because in bathrooms that get plenty of use, they will tend to pay for themselves within 6 months. How do you figure that, you ask. Well, if your bathroom is getting used by say 250 customers a day and you’ve got paper towels available for hand drying, you’re going to be spending around $1,000 on paper towels in 6 months.

paper towel costs versus hand dryer costs

Now, extend that out over three years and across two bathrooms and it really starts to get costly. $1,960 x 3 years x male bathroom x female bathroom = $11,760. We won’t even talk about the environmental cost of producing nearly 1 million paper towels for those bathrooms!


You could simply solve today’s problem and replace costly hand towels only for the bathrooms that the bill you’ve received covers, or for where the cleaner isn’t coming regularly enough.

Male bathroom x 2 hand dryers @ 1k = 2k

Female bathroom x 2 hand dryers @ $1k = 2k

$4,000 and you’ve saved yourself another $8,000 over the next three years plus avoided having your staff complaining about the state of the bathrooms. Now you can get back to running your business and feel good that you’ve locked in multi-year savings for your organisation. These are of course rough numbers. If you’d like an exact return on investment for your business, get in touch. All that’s left is to select the most suitable hand dryers under a grand for your bathroom (scroll down).


Usually, when one bathroom causes a problem, the problem exists throughout your organisation particularly where there are multiple retail outlets, franchise locations, restaurants or offices covered by your business you may just not be aware of it. Let’s look at how scary the hidden costs can get when you add up bathroom paper towels costs nationally across Australia and New Zealand.

60 Restaurant locations open for lunch and dinner with 250 daily bathrooms uses each = 15,000 bathroom uses per day across all your locations. We’re talking 13.5 million paper towels give or take. That’s $120,000 per annum in paper towel costs. OK, so you’re getting a good deal at that volume and they’re only costing your $60,000. That’s still a big chunk of costs that could be stripped out of your business.

At this level, we would design a network of bathroom hand dryers suitable for all your various size and shapes of bathrooms. Here’s a potential solution for these 60 sites.

Year One we install 60 hand dryers across the 30% locations with the highest paper towel costs. Some may be designed with 2 -3 hand dryers per bathroom.

Year Two we install 60 more hand dryers across the remaining network of locations.

Year Three you’re saving between $60,000 - 120,000 on hand towels annually.

Yes you’re going to need a business case to get board sign off, but we can help you with that for your particular business. The annual operational savings can make a real difference to any multi-site business.