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Cleanliness is the #1 Criteria in Womens Bathrooms

Why Women Prefer Bathrooms With Hands In Hand Dryers


When you walk into a public bathroom, the first thing noticed is cleanliness. There is always the patrol of the toilet cubicles for that perfect, mark free seat. When you are finished, what is the last thing you notice? You will either walk out with thoughts of a pleasant experience, or you'll be wondering if you managed to evade the mass of germs that aren't visible to the eye. Old research suggests paper hand towels are the way to go in terms of making sure your hands are leaving cleaner than when they came in, however the ‘no touch’ hand dryer idea has become quite popular for the hand washers of the world. What is more effective and what do people really use?


Why queuing to dry your hands is so 1990’s


Sustainably, there was a common assumption that the hot air produced by hand dryers was costing the environment more than the trusty paper towel, especially if you consider the quality of the job. With dryers, there always comes the awkward encounter in the bathroom. A line of people behind you with dripping hands, silently cursing the dryer for taking too long before a conclusion is made that they are never going to dry, so you pretend you are done and walk away subtly wiping them on your clothes. If you are wearing jeans, great, if it's a suit you'd better hope that the damp patches don't look too suspicious. With paper towels, a quick grab-and-go gets you out of the way and back to work. 





Women prefer paper towels, unless….

 From a hygiene viewpoint, paper towels remove bacteria more effectively. Once again the common hand dryer often warms the moisture rather than drying it, creating a breeding ground for bugs. Out of all the people I asked, paper towels took less time and worked better, unless.. introducing the Jetdryer. Among the people, there was always a ‘but..’ after the hand towel preference that always lead to the hands in machine. It satisfies the ‘no touch’ rule, and generates “air speeds of 155m/s.” for the Executive2 model. There is better sustainability as there is less CO2 produced than paper towels, and to run one of these will cost about 22.5c per day which works out at $82.12 per year, unlike paper towels which can be as much as $1,460. This is also a saving from the average hand dryer as they can cost as much as $410.63 per year. More on cost v benefit here


paper towels


...but the bathroom must be clean too

A common problem with hand towels is the over-usage by most people and the overflow in the rubbish bin when a cleaner is not around to empty it. With the Jetdryer, no waste is needed and you won't find a pile of wet paper towels slowly increasing over the floor. 


messy bathroom


The biggest positive with this hand dryer is the 10 second drying time that leaves hands properly clean with HEPA filtered air and shorter bathroom congestion. A HEPA filter removes 99.9% of bacteria from the air before it is used, while the Jetdryer is also able to run approximately 5 dries for the same cost as 1 conventional hand dryer use. Overall this dryer saves time, money, the environment and frustrated workers with damp patches on their pants. The conclusion I received from all of the people I interviewed was, if it's not “that one you put your hands into,” the old paper towel will have to do.