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JetDryer Benefits


Offering one of the fastest hand dryer air speeds in Australia at up to 150m/s


High Quality

Manufactured from thick ABS polycarbonate or die-cast aluminium, and all models include 3 years parts and 1 year on-site warranty, excluding Business2 which offers 1 year parts and labour.

Water Collection

Most models collect the water removed from hands to reduce the mess and risk of wet floors.


Saves Time & Power

Can dry hands in half the time and up to half the power of other hand dryers.


Anti-bacterial and HEPA air filtration options remove up to 99.95% of bacteria, and all models feature touch free operation.


Environmentally Friendly

Uses less energy, reduces towel waste in landfill and the number of trees cut down for paper = greener planet.


Less noise than most other hand dryers, with an operating noise level as low as approximately 70 dBA from 1 metre away.


Saves Money

Annual cost savings of up to 85% compared to conventional hand dryers, and potentially even more when compared to paper towels.